2017 BX2370 Closeout Deal

//2017 BX2370 Closeout Deal

2017 BX2370 Closeout Deal

We have ONE BX2370 from 2017 left on our lawn (with an unbeatable price tag!) that needs a good home!

As most of you Kubota guys know, the BX80 series took the place of the BX70 series in our subcompact tractor line-up late last year.. aside from a few minor “cosmetic” changes, the only stand-out difference between the models is the loader. A Quick Attach loader (the LA344) is now STANDARD on the new BX80 line up of tractors, allowing you to be able to quickly and conveniently attach and detach the entire loader without ever getting off the tractor. The BX70 series comes with your standard, easy on and off front loader, but does not have that new Quick Attach option.

For those of you who are wanting a little bit more information on this particular Kubota line of tractors, the BX70 series has been the top selling subcompact of the last DECADE, and for good reason. Starting with powerful and reliable Kubota-manufactured diesel power plants that are matched to durable hydrostatic transmissions and placed into well-designed compact platforms; the end result is exactly what has made this segment of the tractor market explode! These machines are made to do some serious work.. but are still easy to operate, and provide tons of versatility in homeowner and small scale farm applications.

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