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Our Family Serving Yours

Since 1967 the Fletcher/Byrd family has tirelessly served the communities of West Tennessee with exceptional customer service and practical advice whether the customers were lifelong farmers, professional landscapers or homeowners with large acreage. Three generations of our family have made it our motto that the professional service and knowledge is unrivaled here at Byrd Implement. We believe in the “Service After the Sale” rule. That’s why we have a full service center on site as well as a large inventory of power equipment and parts for all your needs.

If you have ever entered a big box store and tried to get answers from employees on their products you realize immediately the difference. The person answering them is likely to be from plumbing department and just covering for a break…..all of our staff is knowledgeable about our products or if unsure will immediately find the correct answer. We have a well experienced sales staff that won’t try to pressure you or over sell your needs, our service department is staffed with only the best certified technicians in the area. Just walking into Byrd Implement you are immediately greeted by staff regardless if you are purchasing a five dollar part or a twenty thousand dollar tractor. The experience is the same. Our customers are like family and know they will receive the same service long after the initial purchase is made.

Byrd Implement is one of the top dealers in Tennessee. We are proud to be a dealer for Kubota, Stihl, Land Pride, and Exmark. We often have an inventory of preowned tractors or used attachments if those meet your needs. Our service department is unmatched for your equipment needs: construction, farming or landscaping. If you are searching for a new or used RTV contact us about our New and Used Inventory. Additionally our parts department can help you get necessary replacement parts timely to get you back to work.

“At Byrd Implement we thrive on tradition. For fifty years we’ve earned our reputation for offering quality products, services and fair prices. As your hometown tractor dealer, we’ve built relationships with generations of families and businesses, each with different needs. Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes is our motto and we welcome the opportunity to continue serving our community and our customers.”




Bryan Byrd

Manager and Third Generation