Kubota’s New BX 80 series

Jun 16, 2020

The new BX 80 series sub-compact tractors offer the same reliable BX tractors that Kubota has been selling for decades and puts a few new convenience factors to make it that much better.  We stock several models in this new lineup.  We start off with the BX2380.  This offers the same 23hp Kubota D902 diesel engine that is used on numerous machines.  These models can be purchased with or without a front-end loader.  Its size and maneuverability allow it to tackle nearly any job on your yard or acreage.  It also makes storage easier because of its size.

The BX2680 offers most of the same benefits of the 23hp model but with a little extra power.  It’s always nice to have that little extra to get through those tall patches of grass or to till up that hard ground.  This model pairs nicely with a Land Pride RTA1242 tiller to prepare your garden in the spring.

Both of these models offer the Swift-Tach Loader.  What sets this loader apart from all the others is that you can detach the whole front loader without ever getting off the tractor.  You simply use the hydraulics and release a couple of levers and then back away from the loader and it stay upright on its built-in stand.The BX23S is the new sub-compact tractor, loader, backhoe.  It comes from the factory with the all new Swift-Tach Loader and Swift-Connect Backhoe.  The backhoe offers ample legroom, a curved boom, and easy connect mounting system.  You can take the backhoe off and have a 3-point hitch attachment to use for your other implements as well.

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