8 Uses for Land Pride Pallet Forks You Didn’t Expect..

Jun 16, 2020

Of all the outstanding Land Pride performance-matched equipment that we sell for our Kubota tractors, the pallet forks are among the most useful, and are a great investment for your property. Over the years, however, we have learned that a lot of people who are looking at a loader and bucket for their tractor don’t think about them until a couple years after owning their equipment.. then typically end up using their pallet forks more than their bucket to maintain their land once they have them! It may seem odd, because there aren’t many occasions where you run into pallets that need to be moved while you’re working around your farm, but in reality there are many more uses for pallet forks than to just “move pallets”..

  1. Move and Haul Logs: Since there are no barriers to length with pallet forks, they are perfect for hauling out big logs, and even lifting them high enough off the ground to be able to cut easily.
  2. Move and Install Fences: Again, with no restrictions on length, Land Pride pallet forks are perfect for hauling fence posts. Put them on a tractor with a post hole digger in the back, and you can make SHORT work of a LONG fence!
  3. Clearing Brush: Tree tops can be big and cumbersome to move, but with a set of pallet forks, you can find the right angle to move them with ease and cut way down on your job time
  4. Moving Round Bales: You need to make sure that you have a big enough tractor to handle the work load, but its easy to get under a bale with a set of forks and put it where you need it to be swiftly.
  5. Putting Up Hay: Even if you’re moving square bales around, pallet forks can work perfectly. Whether you’re stacking them tall or putting them in a loft, you’ll be able to lift them wherever you like.
  6. Roofing: Anytime you need to get material somewhere high, pallet forks are the way to go. You can stack your shingles right on the forks or put your materials on a pallet to lift up, and it’s simple to get them as high as you need.
  7. Butchering A Deer: Yes, we live in the South (and thank goodness for that!), so for all you hunters and outdoorsmen out there, pallet forks can be a great tool to lift a deer up to a manageable height to properly harvest your meat. They are also a great tool for moving a heavy carcass.
  8. Cleaning Lawn Mower Decks and Changing Blades: It’s not recommended that you take the deck completely off a zero turn mower to clean it.. This means you actually need to pick up the front end of the mower and get under it. A pallet fork with a strap can be one of the BEST ways to go about this!

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