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Jun 16, 2020

At Byrd Implement we are excited!  It is getting close to fall season which brings out a change in our season.  We are entering into the final phase of our mowing season.  It is still blazing hot outside but we are getting a little bit of rain.  It might be a good time to look at what blades you are mowing with on your mower.  I still recommend the regular straight blade for now, but as the weather cools off and the leaves begin to fall you might want to look at the advantage of the gator blades.  The gator blade is a mowing blade with “fins” on the back of it.  It is designed to get an extra chop so that it cuts up everything a little bit finer and doesn’t leave as many clippings behind.  I like pairing these blades with an operator controlled discharge blocker to multiply the effects and keep the clippings from being thrown all over the yard and flowerbeds.

Another thing to start thinking about is what height to cut your lawn.  During the summer heat it is best to leave the grass taller.  When it is hot and dry the grass roots need as much water as they can get to keep that nice green color.  Keeping the grass taller allows the roots to dig down and find that water.  Once it starts to cool off you can slowly start to adjust your mowing height down.

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